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Behind Selfhosted Heaven

Welcome to Selfhosted Heaven, a website for and by selfhosters. I am Robbin and I started selfhosting almost 4 years ago. I have a background in developing software, but I also have some experience in networking and DevOps.

Problem with Modern Software

I grew frustrated with the lack of privacy and control of the big tech companies and with the lack of ‘one time buy’ software. It felt like everything needs to be a subscription model in this day and age, whereas in the old times you could buy a copy of the software and it was yours to use however you like. I sometimes miss those old days…

That’s when I found out about the practise of selfhosting: hosting your own services that fit your need. Most of the software is open source and the code is free to look at and change. Some software is proprietary, but can still be a godsend compared to other services.

Why Did I Start This Website?

I experimented with all kinds of different software and services. In the proces I learned a lot about networking, security, containers, operating systems, back-ups and a whole lot more. I want to share that with the world!

That’s when I had the idea to start Selfhosted Heaven: a place for selfhosters. I wanted it to be a place to go to for guides on how to setup your server, find inspiration for some high quality and hand-picked applications and a place to unite selfhosters. There is so much good stuff to explore that is buried on the internet!

How will I run this website?

I plan to start small, but steadily grow the content available on this site. Every blogpost will be categorized, so it is easy to find the subject you are interested in. My goal is to make new content every week, but I might post more often or less, I don’t know about that yet.

To keep this site running, there will be affiliated links. If you buy something using the links on this page, I will get a small commission for that. Thank you for doing that if you do <3 Your support is highly appreciated!

Have an Idea? Found a Mistake?

Your feedback makes a better Selfhosted Heaven. Do you know a great application? Do you want to write a blogpost? Found a mistake on one the pages? Feel free to contact me!

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